Pistol to Rifle Upgrade Parts - ATF Compliance

The ATF has made the rule that your legally purchased M4-22 pistol with Arm Brace will soon be an SBR.

Once this rule is published you'll have 120 days to be compliant. We recommend that you wait until the rule is published before you do anything.

When the rule is published you can remove the Arm Brace from your PRO, ELITE, or MICRO ELITE Pistol, or remove the Arm Brace and Buffer Tube from your Bug Out Pistol to be compliant.  Make sure the Arm Brace is either destroyed or taken to a different location than where your pistol is stored.  Your pistol will remain a pistol when the arm brace features are removed.  No further action is required.

Installing a 16" barrel on your pistol will also get you in compliance with the ATF. 

You can also register your pistol with the ATF as an SBR.

To help ease the financial burden the rule is inflicting, we are making our 16" Barrels, 12" and 9" Handguards, and CAR Stock available here at a 30% discount until the end of April 2023. Use this coupon code at checkout, ATF2023.  

If you are not comfortable installing these parts on your firearm you can choose to receive an RMA and send your firearm to us to have these parts installed by our service department. We'll install the parts, test the rifle and return it to you.  You'll only be charged for the parts. FREE installation and FREE return shipping. Use this form to Request an RMA. 

To remove the M4-22 barrel you must use a receiver vise to safely remove the barrel nut. Attempting to remove the barrel nut without the receiver vise will damage the upper.

To Recap - Here are your options

For the M4-22 PRO, ELITE, and MICRO ELITE Pistols

For all BUG OUT Pistols